Performance of long-term incentives in the CAC 40 corporations

(Supplement to the Study on The Evolution of Remuneration Policies of Executives)

The Performance of Long-term Incentive Plans in the CAC 40 Companies provides additional insights on our study dealing with the evolution of remuneration policies in the TOP 60.

All the grants, vestings and/or deliveries of securities initiated since 2005 by French corporations with the largest capitalizations have been analyzed in detail to associate their corporate officers and other employees with their operational and market success. Understanding the gains in relation to basic salary as well as the IFRS value makes it possible to better perceive the types of instruments that must be favored according to the prospects of profitable growth of listed companies.


  • Returns for the corporate officer and all the employees by type of plan:

                    – Long-term incentives
                      –  Performance shares
                     –  Stock-options
                     –  Bonus

  • Summary of CAC 40 performance
  • Data sheets per company


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