Evolution of remuneration policies in the TOP 120 companies

The Evolution of Remuneration Policies of Executives in the TOP 120 companies is a study that explains how companies are gradually modifying their remuneration programs to reconcile the expectations of shareholders and “proxies” with those of their Executives. For this reason, it is primarily aimed at:

  • Members of the Executive Committees
  • Members of the Remuneration Committees
  • Human Resources Executives
  • Compensation and Benefits Executives


  • Methodology
  • Annual cash remuneration
  • Long-term incentive policies
  • Mid to long term bonus
  • Performance shares
  • Stock options
  • Retirement policies
  • Severance benefits
  • Remuneration of corporate officers
  • Remuneration of Executives (Executive committee and levels below)
  • Corporate Remuneration Policy (SBF 120)


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